My Story

I grew up in an Italian-Cajun French family and was taught that a woman just needs to have a backup plan for a career but marriage and family should be her priority.  Sounds much like the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  So I did what I was taught and married at a very early age, barely 20, to a young man in the Navy.  I have two fantastic girls and have no regrets, although this was much too young and I don’t want anyone to follow in my footsteps. At that age, we just don’t have enough wrinkles in our brains for such serious life-changing decisions.  After many years of dealing with my husband’s alcoholism, a seriously bad back, two fusions, and a warped perception of doing the “right” thing, I divorced and started by journey and found Me.

During those earlier years, I had become an accountant and although I am good at my craft, it was never my passion.  It wasn’t until my last company closed and I found myself unemployed in this horrific economic environment near the age of 60 that I finally began to blossom.  Married to a wonderful supportive man, as I began to develop my dream he has supported me each step of the way. Thank you my sweet Al.

So now, I find myself for the first time in my life an artisan, and couldn’t be happier.  I love designing tables, doing handcrafts and painting.  I also love to decorate and renovate, doing many of the tasks in hand with the contractors.